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At Ecreate we specialize in artist management, responsible for representing artists and managing their appearances at events. At Ecreate, we suggest ensure that the artist has everything they need to deliver a memorable and engaging performance.

This would include:

Marketing and Promotion within the organization of the artist. The event management company is responsible for marketing and promoting the artist to potential in-house employees and audiences. They utilize various marketing channels such as social media, email marketing, and advertising to increase the artist’s visibility and generate interest in their performances.

  • Talent Booking: The event management company secures bookings for the artist and negotiates performance fees. They work closely with event organizers to ensure that the artist’s performance meets their expectations and aligns with the event’s theme.
  • Event Production: Ecreate oversees all aspects of the event production, including sound, lighting, and stage design. They ensure that the artist has the necessary equipment and technical support to deliver a high-quality performance.
  • Financial Management: The event management company manages all financial aspects of the artist’s performance, including contracts, invoicing, and payment processing. They ensure that the artist is paid promptly and accurately for their performances.

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